Installing RUMM2030+

When you download your installation package you will receive a Windows Zip (compressed) file. Find the place where you have saved it (probably your Downloads folder), and double-click on the file.

What follows is a standard Windows installation which unpacks files to a folder and installs menu entries and shortcuts for your desktop.

After Installation

Once you have installed Rumm2030 Plus, in addition to the application, you'll find that you have installed

  • the set of Manuals for RUMM2030 Plus, which contain a wealth of graphic illustrations for a range of typical analyses undertaken when using RUMM2030;
  • set of Interpreting RUMM2030 monographs. which address RUMM2030 outputs in terms of Rasch Measurement Theory and the provision of strategies for conducting analyses in line with the RUMM paradigm;
  • Sets of project, data and template files for conducting analyses based on examples used as illustrations in the Manuals, and in the set of Interpreting RUMM documents.


If your installation fails it may be due to permission problems. Some systems will require a user with administration privileges to write to the system folders.  In this case you should run the installation as an administrator*, if you are able to do so, or contact your IT support who will be able to help you.

*Running as admin:  right-click the executable file. If you have admin privileges you will see "Run as administrator" as an option.

Entering your licence key

The first time you run RUMM2030 you will need to enter your licence key. You should have received this with your acknowledgement of registration email when you (or your department) purchased RUMM2030. You must use the username and password supplied to verify that you have purchased the software.

If you move to a new system and re-install RUMM2030 you will need to re-enter your licence key.  

Please keep it in a safe and memorable place, as you should do with other program licences.