The Plus Edition is designed to exploit the full power of Rasch Measurement Theory in accordance with the RUMM paradigm, and to provide a comprehensive and extensive range of strategies and techniques for undertaking Rasch Measurement Model data analyses.

New Features

Anchor Routine to include threshold template facilities;

Conditional Test-of-fit for a pair of polytomous items or a pair of tests.

DIF routine extended for handling both specific and non-specific situations;

Item Replications and criterion for ordinal assessment involving the distribution of inferred replications as a random error distribution

Profile analysis to edit mis-fitting elements of a profile, where a single variable is required to summarise a set of test scores, by editing of profiles to ensure that only those person profiles that are relatively homogeneous are used to obtain equating functions among test scores

Separation Index to also include Item and Item-Person displays

Structured link designs for creating complete data records and their associated display diagrams

Total-item anchor advanced facility involving the direct import of threshold-based templates for leading directly to person estimations without an intervening item estimation routine.

Weighted Items to provide added emphasis, or weighting, to person measures

Extended Features

Dimensionality In-depth assessment of dimensionality

Facet Analysis facility for up to a 3-way item response structure.

Threshold Map enhanced display when a person location is over-laid on the threshold /category map.

Facet Analysis Facility expanded to include new additional table and plot displays;

Tailored response analysis involving post hoc testing for the significance of guessing;

Test Equating featuring new expanded algorithm and reporting display features;

Item estimation new extended facility for monitoring item parameter convergence;

Undefined person estimates identification procedure;

Pair-wise item estimation strategy enhancement;

Random selection for person-factor routine display;

Extreme Persons toggle facility added for category response displays.

Person Characteristic Curves and Standard Residual Plots for assessing individual person responses across items.