When you purchase a RUMM2030 Plus licence you get

  • A comprehensive item analysis package allowing rapid interaction procedures through its user friendly design and layout;
  • A fully operational Windows-based application. The creation of Projects, the running of analyses, and the manipulation of screen displays are all facilitated using simple mouse clicks on the range of easy-to-use Windows objects.

Platform requirements

  • Windows XP, Windows 7, or Windows 10;

The package when installed, will include the RUMM2030 Plus app, Manuals and Monographs, all available from the Windows Menu.

What you will receive

Shortly after your purchase is completed you will receive two messages at the email address you used during purchasing.
  • The first is an electronic receipt for your purchase.
  • The second email contains a link to a Rumm2030+ installation file which you should download.
    It also contains your licensing details. Rummlab calls these user ID, password and Serial Number, and you should enter these into Rummlab during the installation.

After Installation

Once you have installed Rumm2030 Plus, in addition to the application, you'll find that you have installed

  • The set of Manuals for RUMM2030 Plus, which contain a wealth of graphic illustrations for a range of typical analyses undertaken when using RUMM2030;
  • A set of Interpreting RUMM2030 monographs. which address RUMM2030 outputs in terms of Rasch Measurement Theory and the provision of strategies for conducting analyses in line with the RUMM paradigm;
  • Sets of project, data and template files for conducting analyses based on examples used as illustrations in the Manuals, and in the set of Interpreting RUMM documents.


  • The Getting Started Manual should be consulted as a top priority as it provides an overview of the different sections of the application involved in the conduct of Rasch analyses;
  • Displaying the RUMM2030 Analysis is devoted entirely to the extensive displays available for obtaining the most from the Rasch paradigm;
  • Extending the RUMM2030 Analysis presents a range of advanced facilities offered by RUMM2030 Plus
  • The Advanced RUMM2030 Manual provides a special series of facilities for the conduct of Rasch analyses at the most advanced level on offered
  • These Manuals contain many examples throughout the text and all graphics are taken from the wealth of RUMM2030 displays.

All Manuals and Interpreting Monographs are in PDF and available through Windows Start Menu

Please Note

You will not receive a box.