The Best Rasch Analysis tool for education and research

Join the growing number of international researchers who continue to praise the significance of RUMM as a comprehensive and powerful research tool for conducting Rasch Measurement Model analyses together with its ease of use, and the large amount of time saved in preparing and conducting analyses — and time is money as we know.

With RUMM2030 Plus you get

  • a comprehensive item analysis package 
  • rapid interaction procedures 
  • user friendly design and layout

RUMM2030 includes comprehensive documentation, sample data and templates updated to include the new features in this edition.

Output facilities

  • involve easy to read Tables and Plots;
  • allows data displays to be copied directly to spreadsheets for further analysis work;
  • provide fixed-text or tab-delimit text outputs suitable for Word Processor documents or Spreadsheets [to enhance Reports].

Note: Rumm2030+ is available for Windows Platforms only. There is no plan to convert it to other systems.